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Taking care of gerbils is not just what we do. That’s what we love
and are so passionate about. Your gerbils are happy, healthy and loved!

Family Matters
Gerbils are adopted out in pairs. Let us know if you have a lonely gerbil who needs a friend.
Vital Records
Pedigree information is available on request. We keep detailed records on all of our gerbils.
Adoption Center
All purchases and adoptions of gerbils are by appointment only to approved families.
Life Quality
We do not sell our gerbils for science, experimentation or snake food. No exceptions!


Get Ready To Meet Your Beautiful Gerbils!

Congratulations on choosing to adopt! Gerbils are definitely not your average pocket pet and will provide your family with tons of love and happiness.

Gerbils have specific needs so it's best to have everything they need ahead of time. Check out this guide now to make sure their transition to your home is easy peasy.

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Our Philosophy

We are responsible hobby breeders and dedicated rescuers of Mongolian Gerbils. We are registered and in good standing with the American Gerbil Society.

Since 2013, we have had the great privilege to offer healthy, happy and beautiful gerbils to responsible individuals and families looking to add love into their lives. ​​ We strive to only breed as close as possible to AGS standards, and to maintain a strict breeding program which lowers the incidence of genetic disorders. Our gerbils only breed seasonally to avoid large clan populations and to lower stress on the parents.

Pet store gerbils usually come from less-than-loving beginnings. Their exact age and health history is unknown and they can be skittish. Inbred and mis-sorted pregnant gerbils are sold commercially every day. We often rescue gerbils from these situations and rehabilitate them so they can find new forever homes.

Our gerbils are loved and handled from the day they’re born. They go home as healthy and happy pups eager to interact with you. We keep careful records of all gerbils which are available to each adopting family. We also offer post-adoption support free of charge.

Additionally we strive to educate others about gerbil guardianship and rescue. Texas has a steadily growing and wonderful community of gerbil enthusiasts and we are proud to be a part of it.

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A Little Bit About Us

Greta Kratz, owner of Wild Star Gerbils.

Hello and thanks for stopping by! Here in Texas I’m privileged to offer both my own gerbils and rescues to responsible families. I’m a gerbil geek and could doubtless talk your ears off about them for hours! Just ask any happy family who has purchased or adopted from me.

As a small-scale breeder I limit the number pups born from my litters each year. Much love is devoted to every stage of their development: from the twinkle in their parents’ eyes to the moment you bring them home. My focus is on their good health, social temperament and lovely colors that aren’t found commercially.

As an animal advocate I often introduce and pair rescued gerbils with my own pups to increase their chances of adoption. These are gerbils that have come from less-than-loving conditions or were surrendered out of love. My goal is to make sure every one of them is rehabilitated and re-homed successfully.

Every gerbil in my care receives one-on-one attention daily so they’re used to being handled. They live at home with my family and are familiar with typical household sounds. I also have (mostly) well-behaved cats who enjoy engaging in staring contests with the gerbils, or singing in unison to their drum circles.

Yes, that’s a thing.

Before any gerbil goes to their forever home, I encourage interested families to come visit and play with them first. This is a perfect opportunity to ask/answer questions and the gerbils definitely enjoy the attention! Appointments are normally available on weekends between 12PM-8PM and Tuesdays/Wednesdays from 6:30PM-8PM. 

If you’re interested in taking home some of my gerbils for your own, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me using the quick form below and I’ll get back to you soon!