Gerbils are very social animals with bold and curious personalities. There’s never a dull moment with these little fur-balls, engaging in antics that make you laugh as much as they amaze.

They just can’t STAND not knowing and investigating EVERY thing!

When handled appropriately with care, respect, and often, they make great pets that rarely bite (break skin), hardly smell, and enjoy the attention of, and running all over, their owners!

Gerbils love to burrow, play in and chew on cardboard tubes, run in wheels, and snuggle and tousle with their tank mates.

The average adult size is 4-5 inches long and can live up to 2 to 4 years (sometimes even longer!) with excellent and proper care.

Take some time to relax, browse through, and learn about the fascinating information regarding the Mongolian gerbil!

And if you decide that you have to have a few for your home, then myself and my husband are HAPPY to help you find that special furry cutie that makes you think… AWW!

I first got into keeping, caring, and playing with these delightful little creatures in early 2001. Then, in 2002 I heard about and became a Registered Member/Breeder/and Judge for the American Gerbil Society (AGS), which at the time, was a somewhat small organization.

Through-out the years, it was amazing learning about gerbils, caring for them, socializing with them, and even training a few.  I had some great shoulder riders!

I went to shows, first as a participant and became a Prize Winning kennel, and then I became a Judge!  I’ve met some great people, made every opportunity to educate about these remarkable rodents, learned about genetics and breeding, and sold many personable and precious gerbil pups to excited people and families around the US.

In 2007, I fell on some hard times with several roller-coaster events in my life that eventually had me sell most my Kennel to responsible, loving AGS members.  I moved back to Texas from where I was and for many years, didn’t even own a gerbil.

Well, things have changed and I’m back!  With a whole bunch of new everything such as a new life, new home, new gerbil kennel, and even a new husband, Chase, (who adores these spunky critters as much as I do!)

So now, starting in 2017, I’m once again a Registered Member and Breeder of the AGS, also a partner of Texas Gerbils, and ready for another plunge into the wonderful world of gerbils!

I’m excited to once again take on responsible education and knowledge of these great little guys and gals so everyone can experience what an amazing adventure and addition they are to any loving home!



Pet ownership is a commitment of love that lasts the entire lives of your gerbils. You will be responsible for their nutritional, veterinary and emotional needs; so it is important to be certain that gerbils are the right pets for you.

I’m a registered breeder in good standing with Texas Gerbils and the American Gerbil Society.

Gerbils are $10 each and sold in pairs or more. Contact me if you have a lonely gerbil who needs a friend.

Occasionally I may have specific gerbils available for adoption. Donations are appreciated!

All purchases and adoptions of gerbils are by appointment only to approved families.

Pedigree information is available on request. I keep detailed records on all of my gerbils.

I do not sell my gerbils for science, experimentation or snake food. No exceptions!

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